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A Little About Us

Our farm is located in the Anza Valley in Southern California, about 30 minutes from the Temecula Wine Country.  Patrick & Diane live there with thier horses, donkeys, dogs and a cat, who generously allows them to live in the house with her.

Everyone here has a job.  While Patrick works hard to bring home the hay, Diane takes care of the day to day tasks at home and keeping everything organized.  Our donkeys provide security and alert us to when we are late with feeding times, the dogs are the early warning system for visitors and UPS deliveries and the cat works very hard at keeping the house pest free.  Pegasus and the mares are working very hard to provide the USA with their own generation of exceptional Knabstrupper Sporthorses, and Pegasus does double duty being an ambassador for the breed at trade shows and competitions, as well as his efforts in the breeding barn.


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